Idea that was pitched for Dexter Lumis in WWE but “buried” by Triple H revealed

During his podcast, “Road Dogg” Brian James talked about an idea that he pitched for Dexter Lumis in WWE NXT…

“I wanted him to be from Skinwalker Ranch. There’s a show called Skinwalker Ranch and there’s a place called Skinwalker Ranch, and the truth about Skinwalker Ranch is that there’s a bunch of paranormal activity that happens out there, or [at least] it’s reported. A lot of UFO sightings, a lot of cow mutilations, a lot of stuff. The show had just come on and I had just started watching it. I was like ‘Oh man, show is cool.’ …[Hunter] just buried it straight away and [now] he’s from somewhere [else].” (quote courtesy of

Lumis ended up being billed from Recluse, Wyoming.