Hulk Hogan praises WWE veteran for being someone who “understands wrestling in a way very few do”

During an interview with, WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan gave praise to WWE veteran Randy Orton…

“Randy’s done something I haven’t seen done before. He’s a hybrid. A third-generation wrestler who learned from the old school. You can’t see any holes in his work. Everything he does means something. Randy doesn’t get a guy in the corner and stomp him 20 times for no reason. He’ll stop you once or twice, and it means something. He understands how to adjust and adapt in a way no one else really does. Watching Randy now, he fits perfectly. Not only does he adjust to the styles of the young guys, but watch his matches. He slows guys down and teaches them in the match. On the spot, he calls audibles and shows them how to do it. Open my hand, here’s the diamond. He’s transitioned from old school to this hybrid.”

If I wasn’t all beat to hell, I’d love to get in the ring with Randy. We could still tear it down in the main event. Randy could call it in the ring, and he could adjust to my style to make sure it worked perfectly. He’s just so good. He can work with veterans and the newer guys, too. He knows how to pivot both ways in the ring. He understands wrestling in a way very few do. That’s why he is making masterpieces in the ring.”