How WWE reportedly feels about using outside talent for cameo appearances and short-term runs

As previously noted, WWE Hall of Famers Jeff Jarrett and Eric Bischoff made brief backstage appearances during the January 21st 2022 edition of Smackdown in Nashville, TN.

It’s believed that WWE will continue to use outside performers for cameo appearances in the future. According to Dave Meltzer of, FOX likes the surprises and “the idea is to try and create buzz with the idea of who unannounced may show up on television each week.”

Meltzer noted that there is also an idea being discussed to sign outside talent to short-term contracts and have them work with younger talent. The deals wouldn’t be exclusive which would allow the wrestlers to make independent appearances. Samoa Joe was originally brought to WWE with this type of deal in 2015 but WWE decided sign him to a full-time contract.