How WALTER currently feels about possibly joining the WWE main roster

In an interview with Alex McCarthy of, WWE United Kingdom Champion WALTER commented on possibly joining the WWE main roster…

“That’s not a scenario I’ve talked about with them. I don’t know. I’m happy in the situation I’m in now. I’m the only guy who holds a European championship in WWE and I’m a representative of European wrestling. To be authentic with that, I’ve kind of got to live in Europe if that makes sense (laughs).”

“Going forward, nobody can stay on top forever. At some point, that’s the nature of it. Nobody did that before (being unbeaten forever), so we’ll see what the future brings.”

“For now, I focus on being the NXT UK Champion and I have a big match coming up with Ilja (Dragunov) on Sunday and the outcome of that is going to decide which direction I go in my future, so I can’t even make any assumptions or speculations myself.”

“So it’s not something I spend too much time thinking about to be honest.”

WALTER wants to face ‘best wrestler in the world’ Brock Lesnar and Samoa Joe

The pair will battle for WALTER’s NXT UK Championship and the first battle they had 10 months ago has already been labelled one of the most brutal pro wrestling matches in recent history, so how do you top that? Both men will try to do just that at NXT’s Capital Wrestling Center a day removed from SummerSlam.