How Triple H reportedly feels about Dominik Mysterio heading into WWE Wrestlemania 39

As seen during the March 24th 2023 edition of WWE Smackdown, Rey Mysterio finally punched his son Dominik and accepted a match for Wrestlemania 39.

In regards to storyline plans for Dominik, Dave Meltzer of wrote that “everyone has been impressed with Dominik Mysterio and it’s pretty much universally acknowledged that Rey vs. Dominik is the hottest thing in the company aside from the Bloodline stuff.” Meltzer added that Triple H is said to be “very high” on Dominik and there are long-term plans for Dominik to be pushed as a star. Rey vs. Dominik is not expected to be a “one and done” match and Meltzer noted that the goal is to make Dominik a “superstar heel.”

Rey promoted the match during The Jason Show and said “the beating that I give my son is dedicated to all those fathers that are putting up with their kids.”