How Ricky Starks feels about AEW’s growing roster

Ricky Starks recently did an interview with and here are the highlights…

Crowd reactions: “I’m beloved in any city that I go to… I try not to even indulge in the negative stuff and focus mainly on the positive. It’s cool to see that the new people who have never seen me before are just as impressed with it, [as] entertained by it as the OG fans.”

The challenges of wrestling: “There wasn’t ever a moment where I thought about quitting because my thing is, like, man, you’ve come so far. And you’ve slept on couches and you’ve slept in cars, and you’ve been homeless, you’ve been living paycheck to paycheck. Why give up now? And even then if you give up now, you’ve got to start over again.”

AEW’s growing roster: “I like the challenge because I think I can have chemistry with anybody I wrestle, and so I think it’s cool to have such a big mix of talent that we have on our roster…I don’t concern myself with that [adding wrestlers] because the people that they bring in, those people can’t do exactly what I can. They don’t bring to the table exactly what Ricky Starks can bring to the table.”

Possible acting career: “I would love to see what are the bounds of my talent. This is my life, and if I’m able to juggle that, then I would do that. Obviously I wouldn’t become a full-time actor – but if it’s something I could see if I could dip my toe into and see if I’m good at it while I’m also wrestling, let’s do it. If it happens after wrestling, that’s cool too.”