How people within WWE reportedly reacted to Vince McMahon being backstage at the 3/6/23 RAW

As previously noted, Vince McMahon was reportedly backstage at the March 6th 2023 edition of WWE RAW and was seen in the Gorilla position during the show.

According to Fightful Select, Vince being at RAW caused more of a stir online than in person. People within WWE were said to have been more surprised by Vince’s physical appearance than anything else as he was allegedly sporting a mustache. Fightful also noted the following regarding backstage reactions…

“There were a few talent that said they intentionally avoided associating with him, despite them believing they’ll likely have to deal with him in the future. Speaking of the future, one WWE higher up felt personally as if this was also a case of McMahon testing the waters of showing his face at WWE events and how the talent and staff would react. Now that he’s been back, many expect him to be seen at other upcoming events.”