How people within WWE are said to be reacting to Sasha Banks and Naomi walking out of RAW

As previously reported, women’s tag team champions Sasha Banks and Naomi reportedly walked out of WWE RAW due to creative issues with Vince McMahon.

During his podcast, Wade Keller of talked about the situation…

“What I can report is this is not a work. A couple of sources that I trust would know and said definitively that this is not a work and the reporting that PWInsider and Fightful early on in reporting…were accurate. The people that I communicated with directly in WWE tonight after Raw indicated that this was Sasha and Naomi working together but leaning a little more towards Sasha being the leader and them working each other up but Sasha kind of leading the way into making this decision.”

“By the way, there’s no history of Doudrop or Nikki having a reputation for being rough in the ring. This isn’t a Nix Jax type of situation…that’s not a thing with them…I don’t think there was an issue with Asuka or Becky either. There’s not a history of personal issues between them. So the idea that they were uncomfortable in the ring with two of their opponents is not something that I know the details of, like who and why? I can just say that I asked around and there wasn’t a pre-existing issue with Naomi and Sasha and anyone in that match.”

“I will say, the people I’m communicating with’s instinct is they’re puzzled and they say the locker room and management are puzzled by the reaction and the actions of Sasha and Naomi. It feels weird, I’m told, how this all played out. People are just kind of shaking their heads. The instinct with the people that I’m communicating with is Sasha overreacting to a normal day at work and having been kind of worked up heading into today over some things that might not be all that worth getting worked up over. They’re paid to play a role on TV and WWE said that…”

“Behind the scenes, there’s not a ton of instant sympathy or a thought of like ‘finally they took a stand’ over this injustice that was going on. It’s more like ‘what, where did that come from and how did they get themselves so worked up over this?’” (quotes courtesy of