How people within WWE are reacting to the news that CM Punk has been fired from AEW

As previously noted, CM Punk reportedly expressed interest in a WWE return while he still working for AEW.

In regards to Punk being fired from AEW, there is said to be a mixed reaction to the news from people (including top talent) within WWE. Punk was reportedly “an immediate topic of discussion” and noted the following about the idea that Punk could end up returning to WWE…

“There were some who were adamantly against the idea and didn’t believe it could happen but others who looked at it as a ‘chance to make big money.’ We know of one top tier star who was all for it, but it wouldn’t be their call.”

PWInsider also noted that people within Impact Wrestling are “super excited” about the idea of potentially working with Punk. was told “that’s the story Punk wants out there” after asking about the WWE comeback rumors.