How people within WWE are reacting to the 2022 PPV schedule

As previously noted, WWE released a full PPV event schedule for 2022 and it was confirmed that Wrestlemania 38 will be a two-night event. Several events in 2022 will also be taking place on a Saturday.

According to Fightful Select, people within WWE are generally happy about Wrestlemania being a two-night event. Fightful also noted the following…

“The move to doing more Saturday PPV shows during football season also was seen as a positive one from everyone we spoke to, with numerous Smackdown talent particularly being happy about it.”

The current belief is that the February and October events in 2022 will be WWE’s Saudi Arabia shows. Fightful also noted that the September PPV during Labor Day weekend is expected to be the rumored United Kingdom stadium show. Labor Day weekend is when AEW runs the annual All Out PPV.