How much time Mandy Rose reportedly had on her WWE contract when she was released

As previously noted, Mandy Rose was reportedly released by WWE one day after dropping the NXT women’s title to Roxanne Perez.

Fightful Select noted that Mandy losing the title was a “very hasty” decision and word got out about 15 minutes before WWE NXT started. According to the outlet, those close to Mandy believe she was in good spirits at the show and on Wednesday after she was released.

While it’s unknown if WWE had any advanced plans for Mandy to make a main roster return, Fightful stated the following in regards to her contract…

“Mandy Rose was one of many WWE talent that were signed to new, five year deals in 2019, which means she had nearly two years left on her contract at the time of the release. There were some WWE sources that were at least trying to leak that Mandy Rose had requested her release two weeks ago, but so far, we’ve not been given any indication that’s true.”