How many people watched the 2024 “Big Business” edition of AEW Dynamite featuring Mercedes Mone’s debut

As seen during the March 13th 2024 “Big Business” edition of AEW Dynamite, Mercedes Mone made her first official appearance as a member of the AEW roster. The show drew 801,000 viewers with a 0.27 18-49 demo rating. By comparison, last week’s Dynamite drew 779,000 viewers with a 0.27 18-49 demo rating. One year ago on March 15th 2023, Dynamite drew 852,000 viewers with a 0.27 18-49 demo rating.

The first quarter of Big Business with Mercedes’ promo drew 1,000,000 viewers and a 0.32 18-49 demo rating. The quarter hour with Samoa Joe vs. Wardlow for the AEW world title drew 899,000 viewers and a 0.29 18-49 demo rating. The show fell down to 627,000 viewers and a 0.22 18-49 demo rating for Willow Nightingale vs. Riho’s main event match.

Here is the full quarter-hour breakdown…

8-8:15p: 1,000,000 (0.32)
8:15-8:30p: 899,000 (0.29)
8:30-8:45p: 815,000 (0.27)
8:45-9p: 737,000 (0.24)
9-9:15p: 798,000 (0.27)
9:15-9:30p: 799,000 (0.29)
9:30-9:45p: 732,000 (0.26)
9:45-10p: 627,000 (0.22)

Dave Meltzer of noted the following about the viewership…

“Obviously disappointing numbers. Third for the night, Regarding the question on last night’s show if people figured out Mone would be back later in the show, they clearly did not as the main event did not do well.”