How many people watched CM Punk’s confrontation with Seth Rollins on WWE RAW

As seen during the December 11th 2023 edition of WWE RAW, CM Punk made his decision to sign an exclusive contract with the RAW brand and was then confronted by world heavyweight champion Seth Rollins. The show drew 1.466 million viewers viewers with a 0.46 P18-49 rating.

While the overall number was a slight decrease from the previous week, Brandon Thurston noted the following about the Punk/Rollins quarter hour that aired at 9:00 PM Eastern…

“The in-ring promo with CM Punk and Seth Rollins was by far the most-watched quarter-hour of last night’s Raw. 1.88M viewers, 0.62 P18-49 rating on a show that averaged 1.47M, 0.46. It had the advantage of being the only quarter-hour with no ad breaks, but it had stronger quarter-to-quarter growth (+25%) than any Raw quarter-hour since at least early 2022 which includes many ad-free quarters in non-ad-free hours/shows.”