How many people actually attended both nights of WWE Wrestlemania 37 was able to obtain official records for WWE Wrestlemania 37 attendance through a request to the Tampa Sports Authority which is the entity that manages Raymond James Stadium.

It was noted that Night 1 sold 20,172 tickets with 18,328 in attendance and Night 2 sold 20,634 tickets with 18,924 in attendance. The two-day event generated about $6.2 million dollars in ticket sales with a combined 40,806 tickets being sold.

A total of 7,952 tickets were sold for the two-day package. All of those two-day sales were for stadium seating as opposed to suites.

While not adjusted for inflation, WWE brought in more ticket revenue for Wrestlemania 37 than Wrestlemania 27 in Atlanta and Wrestlemania 26 in Phoenix.

WWE announced 25,675 as the attendance for each night. WWE typically inflates attendance numbers for major events including Wrestlemania. The records do not confirm if WWE’s intended capacity was 25,000 for each night.