How long Kofi Kingston is expected to be out of action from “fluke” injury on WWE Smackdown

As previously noted, WWE announced that Kofi Kingston has been pulled from this week’s #1 contender match for an Intercontinental title shot at Wrestlemania 39 after suffering an injury.

Dave Meltzer of confirmed that it was an ankle injury from when Drew McIntyre came over the top rope to the outside with a running flip dive. The injury was described as a “fluke deal” and Kingston is expected to be out of action for around five weeks. Meltzer also noted the following…

“There was concern earlier it could be longer because he may have needed surgery and if he does need surgery it would be lengthy. But all impressions are based on what he said publicly and the word privately is that he won’t be needing the surgery right now.”

Following the injury, Kofi tweeted “We gon’ be alright! 👍🏾”