How LA Knight feels about people downplaying his in-ring wrestling skills

During an appearance on the My Love Letter to Wrestling podcast, LA Knight was praised for his in-ring wrestling skills and Knight stated the following…

“Thank you for that, but usually I see the rap where, ‘He’s great on the mic and okay in the ring. But for me, I’m okay with that because all the guys I liked the most when I was coming up, I’d say were mostly the same. My favorite guy when I was a kid, Hogan. My favorite guy when I was in high school, still kind of Hogan, NWO version, but then Austin, Rock, Flair. Like Flair was very good, but he didn’t do anything spectacular. Most of the stuff was psychology and things looking good and snappy and things like that.”

“So for me, I like to spice things in every now and then. I like to jump to the top and I hit Butch with that superplex not too long ago. I can fit those things in where I need it, but at the same time, I try not to harp on it too much as far as, ‘Oh, I’m good on the mic,’ whatever. Guys who brag about that, it just seems like a strange thing.” (quotes courtesy of