How far in advance Bill Goldberg knew that he would be facing Bobby Lashley

During an appearance on the CarCast podcast, Bill Goldberg talked about his upcoming match against Bobby Lashley at the 2021 WWE Summerslam PPV…

“This time they gave me eight weeks so Lashley’s gonna be pissed off about that one because I’ll be doubly ready this time. I’m actually looking forward to it man. I’ve been…we’ve talked in the past and it’s been like drudgery and I’ve been b**ching and moaning all the time and I’m still b**ching and moaning. I got a smile on my face because I know I’m more prepared than I was last time.”

“I would say it helps exponentially, no question about that. I’m actually looking forward to it. It’s like putting time in at the track and being able to test actually before you have to go out and race.” (quotes courtesy of