How Bryan Danielson ended up having a run as part of the WWE creative team

While being interviewed by Renee Paquette at Starrcast V, Bryan Danielson talked about how he ended up having a run as part of the WWE creative team in 2020…

“The pandemic was happening. Somebody in one of my segments, it was right before Brie was about to give birth to our son Buddy. It was a month before that, somebody in one of my segments got COVID. They called me and were like, ‘You were in a segment with somebody who got COVID. A bunch of people in the segment got COVID. You might have COVID.’ I tested and didn’t have COVID, but I requested, ‘I don’t think I should come to work, my wife is pregnant and due soon.’ They were fine and great with that. Bruce Prichard called me and said, ‘I know you’re gone, but would you like to be part of the creative team and meetings?’ They were doing them through Zoom. I said ‘Yeah.’ I loved it. I know a lot of people have talked a lot of crap about writers. It’s a thankless job. There are a lot of smart, fun, writers.”

“I loved dealing with Bruce Prichard. Some people talk bad about Bruce, I love Bruce. I really enjoyed it.” (quotes courtesy of