How Bianca Belair felt about her year-long rivalry with Becky Lynch

During an interview with Inside The Ropes, WWE RAW women’s champion Bianca Belair talked about her year-long rivalry with Becky Lynch…

“It was so satisfying. It was a long road, a very long and unpredictable road. From SummerSlam, the 26-second SummerSlam, very unpredictable, and out of nowhere, you never know where things are going to go. So for us to be able to get back to it at WrestleMania and then to get back to it again at SummerSlam, I feel like that is something that isn’t really done a whole lot, especially for the women and our feuds.

So to be able to get with Becky Lynch and have this memorable feud with her and be able to bring it back full circle to where now it started with a handshake and ended with a handshake,” she added. “The whole redemption story for me to be able to walk out with the title again after losing it in such a controversial way, it was very satisfying.” (quote courtesy of