Hit Row gets high praise from WWE Hall of Famer

During an appearance on the Jobbing Out podcast, AJ Francis (Top Dolla) of Hit Row talked about the group moving from WWE NXT to Smackdown…

“We’re (Hit Row) changing the game. That’s the thing that I’m most excited about is because like, when I come back through the curtain and Edge tells me, ‘This is what we need. This is 2021. This is today’s wrestling. This is what we need.’ To hear Edge say that to me about an idea that I came up with three years ago before I was even here, and to see it go all the way through to fruition and then not only did it work for me, but it worked for my boy Tehuti (Ashante Thee Adonis), it worked for my girl Bri (B-FAB), it worked for my man Swerve. All four of us are able to eat off of this.

We went from four people that didn’t have anything going for ‘em in NXT. Like even Swerve was on TV but he wasn’t in major storylines and he wasn’t winning any big matches. He’ll tell you that himself. So like, we went from four people that there wasn’t really anything for us in NXT to five months later, the hottest act in wrestling and now we’re on SmackDown on FOX. I could not be more grateful of the opportunities I’ve been given.” (quote courtesy of PostWrestling.com)