Hall of Fame

Highlights from the 2022 WWE Hall of Fame ceremony

Here are the highlights from the 2022 Hall of Fame ceremony which aired on Friday, April 1st 2022 on Peacock following Wrestlemania Smackdown in Dallas, Texas…

* After Smackdown ended, there was a 15-minute Kickoff show as the stage and ring were configured for the ceremony. Several people were interviewed backstage include Glenn “Kane” Jacobs.

* Corey Graves and Kayla Braxton were the hosts.

* The Steiner Brothers were inducted by Bron Breakker. “The Steiner math speaks for itself” was said by the narrator in the Steiner Brothers video package. Bron said growing up in the family was “a bit crazy at times” but there would be no Bron Breakker if it wasn’t for the Steiner Brothers. Bron said he was going to take the biggest risk of his career and turn the mic over to his uncle Scott.

* Scott said sometimes having a live mic could go off the rails. He thanked all the tag teams that they wrestled. He gave props to Randy Savage and told a story about Savage and cows. He told the current superstars to have fun while they can because the time goes fast. He talked about hard work putting over and then put over his wife. Scott said his greatest legacy is his two boys.

* Rick joked that they had four minutes and Scott took three. He thanked his family and put over his brother. Lastly, he thanked the fans for supporting them over the years.

* Booker T did the induction speech for his wife Queen Sharmell. He said she made him a better man and gave him two beautiful kids. He said his most memorable run was as King Booker and it was about her. Booker T said “all hail Queen Sharmell” as she walked to the ring.

* The crowd chanted “you deserve it” and Sharmell said this was the story of fairytales. She thanked the Nitro Girls and various women that helped her including Molly Holly. She also thanked WWE stars including Kurt Angle and Rey Mysterio. She thanked her husband for the role of a lifetime and it was easy to follow in his lead. She thanked people behind the scenes in WWE as well as her hometown friends and family.

* Dana Warrior presented the Warrior Award to Shad Gaspard. JTG along with Shad’s wife and song were brought into the ring. JTG and Shad’s son did the Cryme Tyme entrance handshake. The crowd erupted in a “Shad’s a hero” chant. Shad’s wife called him a gentle giant and live his life with no regrets. She told her son that “the best of daddy lives in you” and said anyone would be lucky to have a dad like Shad.

* Vader’s wife and son gave the induction speech for him. Vader’s headgear was displayed outside of the ring. Vader’s son said the fans put food on his plate for a long time and he thanked them. Vader’s son said he couldn’t have asked for a better father and a better mentor. Vader’s son ended the speech by having the fans do the “V” hand gesture and asked what time it was.

* For The Undertaker’s induction, there were four different costumes that he wore displayed in the ring. Vince McMahon talked about the HOF being his favorite night of the year and being able to thank the people being inducted. Vince said there is no man that has been more deserving of the honor and talked about Undertaker performing for 30+ years. Vince listed numerous opponents that the Undertaker had and talked fast to try and avoid the “WHAT” chants. Vince talked about various sacrifices that Undertaker made over the years for the company. Vince said Undertaker never demanded respect but rather commanded it. Vince said Undertaker was able to accomplish what he did for over 30+ through his love of the business. Vince then introduced Undertaker to the ring.

* Undertaker had his full entrance with the lighting and music while wearing a suit. He went into the ring and said “I love you” to Vince while giving him a hug. He soaked in the moment as the crowd chanted “thank you Taker” and “you deserve it” while giving him a lengthy standing ovation for several minutes.

* Undertaker finally talked and said he would take fans behind the curtain as Mark Calaway. He talked about the various sacrifices and how he wouldn’t be what he turned into if it wasn’t for the people that helped him along the way.

First and foremost, he thanked for the fans for being loyal and motivating him. He talked about playing basketball but wrestling was what he wanted to do with his life. His parents told him that he needed to live for him. At that point, he was determined to become a professional-wrestler. It wasn’t glamorous but that was how he was going to find his true identity. He talked about his various mental moves and how actions matter.

Undertaker gave a shout-out to The Godfather and the Bone Street Krew. He paid tribute to the late Yokozuna and Brian “Crush” Adams.

Undertaker talked about Paul Bearer being a vital part of his character.

Undertaker called Kane (“Mr. Mayor”) the most genuine human being he’s ever known. Undertaker joked that Kane stole his moves but then said Kane did them better than him.

Undertaker talked about treating people with respect and how a smile or kind comment can help someone or even save their life.

Undertaker thanked numerous legends including Ric Flair for paving the way for him as well as people behind the scenes and doctors that put him back together.

Undertaker talked about his Wrestlemania 25 match against Shawn Michaels and how they were originally scheduled to be 3rd on the card with only 15 minutes. They managed to get more time and a higher spot on the card. He thanked Shawn for one of the best matches of his career.

Undertaker said it was always a pleasure to share the ring with Triple H and said their chemistry in the ring was undeniable. He said Triple H helped with his confidence and the End of the Era moment at Wrestlemania 28 was one of the best of his career.

Undertaker took time to praise his family. He called his wife Michell McCool the foundation that his family has been built on and called her his soulmate.

Undertaker said Vince wasn’t sold on him at first but gave him an opportunity and changed his entire life. Vince got him to do all sorts of matches but never got him to do the Takerrooni. He thanked Vince for the gift of the Undertaker and for the gift of friendship.

Undertaker wrapped up the speech by reminding fans of his mental moves – perception is reality, respect goes a long way, and never be content. He thanked the fans for taking the journey with him and he will rest in peace.

The show ended with Undertaker putting on the coat/hat and saying “never say never.”