Health update on MVP and when he’s expected back on WWE television

WWE star MVP published a video on Instagram and provided an update on his health…

“So there were some reports going around that I had successful knee surgery. Those reports were wrong, erroneous, mistaken, as usual. I’m having knee surgery today [Thursday].”

“The injury all along has been real. I’m excited to finally get it fixed so I can get back in the ring and actually wrestle and not be hobbled around for those who have seen me on TV and live events.”

“I appreciate the well wishes and positive energy. We’re going to get through this simply arthroscopic surgery and hopefully, I’ll be back on Monday Night Raw in four to six weeks.” (quotes courtesy of

After his surgery, MVP wrote the following…

“My meniscus looks like a bomb exploded in my knee. Damn! No wonder it hurt so much! 🤣🤣🤣 All clean and repaired now. Thanks for all the get well wishes!!!!!”