Health update on Bryan Danielson following the 2023 AEW Revolution PPV

During an appearance on the Unconsciously Coupled podcast, Bryan Danielson talked about his physical and mental struggles following his Iron Man match against MJF at 2023 AEW Revolution PPV…

“Legitimately, I’m in a ton of pain. I just wrestled for over 65 minutes. I’ve got a black eye. I can’t lift my left arm past here [partially raises arm]. I have shooting pain going down my leg. There’s this big gaping wound on my stomach. Those kind of things, it’s like, ‘Oh, sorry, daddy is in a lot of pain.’ They understand that, but as they get older, they’re going to understand that some of this is not physical.” (quote courtesy of Jeremy Lambert)

In Bryan’s post-match promo, it was indicated that he would be taking a hiatus from wrestling.