Happy Corbin comments on what he feels hurts the credibility of wrestling

In an interview with BT Sport, WWE star Happy Corbin commented on wanting to see wrestling moves have more meaning…

“In our industry, a lot of things are thrown away nowadays and just, they’re done to be done or to get an instant like, just a quick cheer, like, let’s do this huge thing and move onto the next, and I think that hurts our credibility a little bit in what we do because I look at it also as a real life situation. If I punch somebody in the face, it’s going to hurt them. I’m a trained fighter, and so I look at everything I do in the ring, the same. If I do this to you it’s going to hurt you, so I don’t need to do it 10 times, I need to do it once… and it needs to be represented accordingly from what I am capable of.

And I also do that for other people, like if you do this to me and if this was… if you hit me with a chair, have you been hit with a chair before? It’s not fun, it really hurts. After 1 I understand the point you’re trying to get to, I don’t need 12 of them, you know? I want to make… I wish we would make everything we do mean more and I think people would buy into it more. And there’s different styles, and to each their own, this is just my thought process.” (quote courtesy of WrestlingInc.com)