Hall of Famer says he told Triple H that Bron Breakker was “impressive as f*ck” before Breakker joined WWE

During his podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash commented on Bron Breakker’s athletic background and transition into WWE…

“He ran, in the NFL, he was a running back at I think Kennesaw State University, and if I’m not mistaken, he ran like a 4.23 [40-yard dash] or something like that, and he’s a big fucking kid. I talked to him, and I talked to [Rick Steiner], his father, and [Rick] wanted him to, because he was going to Baltimore as a free agent. I called Paul [Triple H] and I said, ‘We got a Steiner that runs a fucking 4.23. He’s impressive as fuck.’ I’ve known him forever. My son played with him when they were little kids. So I’m apprehensive because I’m like ah, he’s one of my good friend’s kids, I’ve known him forever. But it’s like fuck that, man. He’s a stud.

Him getting in [Adam Pearce’s] face saying, ‘Why wasn’t I in King of the Ring?’ I’m like, ‘Yeah, motherfucker. Why wasn’t he in King of the Ring?’” (quote courtesy of Colin Tessier)