Gunther says he didn’t enjoy WWE’s main roster product before the Triple H regime

During an interview with the Gorilla Position podcast, Gunther was asked if he felt his WWE run would have been as successful if Vince McMahon kept running the company. Here was Gunther’s response…

“I don’t know, but it was one of the reasons why, for a long time I didn’t want to go to the US. The product before Triple H was not what I enjoyed. I just didn’t want to be part of that. I am who I am and that’s what I can do best. A big part of that is I need to have my time in the ring and have that time to put on the matches I can put on. That chance would not be there under the old regime.

With Triple H, he always saw that in me, and he always had that vision for me. I got lucky that a lot of things in my career took place at the right time. It was a little bit of a leap of faith when I first made the move over. Everything worked out in the end.” (quote courtesy of Jeremy Lambert)