Gunther comments on a potential match against Brock Lesnar

As previously noted, the belief is that Gunther will not be facing Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania 39 which opens the door for Gunther to have a match against Sheamus and/or Drew McIntyre.

During an appearance on The Rob Brown Show, Gunther commented on a potential match against Lesnar…

“Of course, I wanted to. Brock is a one in a million guy, one in ten million. I always liked those guys that have stood out from the pack. I always loved his matches and was very impressed with that and also with the recent years in WWE. I always thought it would a thing for wrestling and my style, that’s my end boss. I’ve been portrayed as the end boss in wrestling for a lot of guys, but I think Brock could be my end boss. I really hope the match goes down at some point.” (quote courtesy of Jeremy Lambert)