Greg Hamilton reveals that he almost died in a car accident

Former WWE announcer Greg Hamilton shared a photo on Instgram along with the following message…

“It’s taken me a while to post this….I should be dead according to every first responder. They thought they were removing a ‘body’.

Weeks ago, I was hit by a moving truck. Tossed 3 times into a ditch on the side of the road, upside down and left for dead.

I’m alive.

I no longer care about fame, announcing, anything. That person died in that accident. #RIP

But my life is forever changed. I don’t know what’s next….but if you need help in any way, I’m here. I don’t know what’s next for me; I don’t know what I can even do.

But, I do know that if you need support; I can do that.

Japanese culture paints gold on broken pieces to signify repair. I refuse to fold. Let’s paint GOLD.
I’m rehabilitating… can too. Mentally and emotionally. Let’s do I t together.”