Gable Steveson comments on his WWE status after having several dark matches in early 2024

Olympic gold medalist Gable Steveson, who had several WWE dark matches in early 2024, appeared on the JAXXON PODCAST and addressed his status with the company…

“I think there’s a great opportunity to do a lot of great things, but right now, I’m loving the WWE process, everything is going really good. SmackDown, the dark matches are going really well. I’m getting better every time, so I’m focused on one thing at a time, but, obviously, at the end of the day, competitiveness is always gonna be there, and there’s always the what if you can? But where I am right now with the business is really good, and I’m happy where I am. It’s for you to experiment because it’s not on live TV. So, right now, I’m trying to find out who Gable is. I know who I am in Olympic-style wrestling. I know who I am in Folkstyle wrestling. But, in entertainment, who am I? I know who I am personally. I’m outgoing, I’m funny, I’m nice, I’m humble, but sometimes, you gotta be that cocky, and this side, I can be that, and I can be whatever I wanna be with my life… I was thinking of the new Brock [Lesnar].”

“Right now, I’ve been doing heel. So I kind of do a mixture of both (babyface & heel). Honestly, right now, I’m really nothing because I haven’t really been given anything to be. I’m experimenting.” (quotes courtesy of