Full AEW Collision spoilers for 3/9/24 – First match confirmed for Dynasty PPV event

On March 7th 2024, matches were taped in Duluth, Georgia for the March 9th edition of AEW Collision. Here are the spoiler results courtesy of @CountOutPod

* Tony Khan says the AEW Tag Team Tournament starts NEXT WEEK

* House of Black defeated Mark Briscoe, Jeff Jarrett and Jay Lethal in an ATL Street Fight. Pre match they had a taped promo where Mark Briscoe RULED.

* Mistico def Angelico. Solid match. Good lucha.

* Bryan Danielson def Shane Taylor. Another classic “danielson makes the other guy look like a billion dollars by getting all his shit in” type performance. Taylor is vastly underrated still. Danielson plays his dad’s role well. Ospreay out post-match for a chat. Says Danielson inspires everyone & thanks him. BUT is wondering if Danielson wants to ask him something. Danielson welcomes Ospreay to AEW, compliments Takeshita match. Danielson challenges Ospreay at Dynasty. Ospreay accepts.

* Kazuchika Okada and the Young Bucks def Jon Cruz, Liam Gray and Adrian Alanis. Post match Kingston ran out and attacked the Elite but was outnumbered. Penta attempted a save but failed. Then PAC returned!!! PAC on the mic. He’s back and wants The Elite. Kingston on the mic. And wants a 6 man tag at Big Business!

* Mariah May (dressed as old Toni) defeated Trish Adora. May mostly wrestled as herself plus a missed Storm Hip Attack. Needs to do more Storm acting classes I guess. A plant wanted to marry May. Timeless Toni presented a Toni award to the following nominees: -Mariah May as Storm at Revolution. And the award goes to… Mariah May!! Deonna attacked Storm before presenting the award to May but the duo fend her off. The award was a shoe.

* Nick Wayne def Adam Priest. Simple match. Priest sells so incredibly well.

* That plant that wanted to marry May earlier turned out to be Adam Copeland! Adam jumped Christian. He pulled out a case with a barbed wire something in it and threatened Cage. On mic, Adam wants Cage’s mouth to say two words. “I Quit”.

* Segment: Tony Schiavone says the tag tournament starts next week on Collision, brings out FTR. Cash says Sunday didn’t go to plan. Says 2024 is a decade of FTR. They throw their names into the tournament. Want to face BCC. Dax says Collision has been built on tag team wrestling. Questions if they belong in tournament. They are gonna give everything to be 3x champs. The Infantry come out. Dean introduces the team. Bravo says they almost missed this cause it was half off at Magic City, chant ensues. Says the tag divison needs a revival. Dax says the revival is dead but if they meet in the tournament, Infantry is done. Top guys out.

* Lionheart Chris Jericho vs Titan. Fairly good match. Sloppy at times. Almost botched a finish. But Titan got over and Jericho remains popular. At the end of the day, Lucha is awesome to watch. Post match: Kaun and Toa Liona jump Jericho. Hook makes the save.