Freddie Prinze Jr. reveals who was originally planned to be his promotion’s first world champion

During his Wrestling with Freddie podcast, former WWE writer Freddie Prinze Jr. talked about who was originally planned to be his promotion’s first world champion…

“So I announced on the first season of this with Ariel Helwani that I was starting a wrestling federation, which I still am, and I’m working hard at it. My champion and I had spoken with him a lot, was going to be Killer Kross. He was my guy. I was building the whole thing around him. We had kind of worked on the story. We talked about philosophy, talked about his character, his wife’s character, with the caveat of, ‘Hey, you can’t hold your career up to make my thing go.’ So I said, ‘If you get other offers, you need to make a living, go make a living man.”

“I got a text on Thursday, the day before Smackdown. I get a text that says, ‘Hey, man, I need some advice. Let’s chat.’ So I already know, and I almost wrote him the day before, ‘Hey, with Vince gone, you’re going to get a call from Hunter.’ I literally wrote this text. I said, ‘He’s going to offer you the moon, and if you say no, you’re out of your mind. So don’t trip.’ Then I deleted the whole text, and instead, I just sent him a picture from this storyboard guy that’s doing part of the show for me, so that I can, you know, pitch it properly. I just sent him a picture of some of the storyboard stuff instead because I didn’t want to, like, freak him out.”

“So then the very next day, I got this text from him that said, ‘Can we talk? I need some advice.’ We start chatting and he says, ‘I talked to Hunter. They made an offer and it’s real. I think I believe him when he’s telling me what’s going to happen, and you and I need to talk.’ I said, ‘Yeah, brother.’ I told him, ‘I wrote you a text yesterday that I deleted because I knew this was going to happen once Vince left the company.’ So we talked about it. I said, ‘Look, you’d be crazy to chase my dream in place of yours. Your dream was never to be’, I don’t want to say the name of my federation, but, ‘Your dream was never to be the Freddy P champion. It was to be the WWE champion.’ I said, ‘I couldn’t hold you up from that.'” (quotes courtesy of