FOX reportedly pushed for WWE to bring CM Punk back to the company

During a recent appearance on The Angi Taylor Show, CM punk commented on if he considered making a return to WWE

“I don’t think I considered it. Three years ago, five years ago I don’t think AEW even existed. I don’t think going back to WWE was ever really, logically, on the table.”

While he didn’t officially return to WWE, Punk did work with the FOX network for the WWE Backstage show and it was said that the network had a good relationship with him. According to Dave Meltzer of, FOX wanted WWE to make an offer to Punk when it became clear that there was a good chance of him signing with AEW. The word is that WWE responded by saying that Punk was asking for too much money.

Meltzer noted the following…

“FOX was so interested in him returning to WWE and not AEW, they reportedly they responded by wanting to help out. But WWE officials then said there were other reasons they didn’t want him, the attitude issues and such.”