Former WWE writer Vince Russo sends public message directed towards Tony Khan and AEW

Former WWE writer Vince Russo wrote the following message via Twitter/X…

I’ll never forget, when @TonyKhan started @AEW, he took a shot at me—not even knowing me, or ever having a conversation with me— in an effort to get over with the “Cool Kids” by saying:

“When Vince Russo went to WCW, they had a hang nail. Russo proceeded to cut the whole arm off.”

Yeah, TK said that REGARDLESS of the fact that in my first three months at WCW the numbers went up—which I have backed up with DATA right here.

From there, TK admitted over and over and over again that @davemeltzerWON was a HUGE INFLUENCE on both himself and the talent.

So, for FOUR YEARS now, TK has been booking for Dave, the “Wrestling Journalists” and the “Smart Mark” Crowd. And WHERE has that gotten AEW? WHERE? Outside of that blimp in Wembley—that came and went—the AEW audience has not grown one iota.

Maybe it’s time for something new, Tony. As a matter of fact, today would be a great day to look back 25 years at the @WWE “Survivor Series” and watch and learn how a successful storyline is done.

You’re being stubborn, man. And not listening to those who know because you want to get over with the “Black Shirt” Crowd . . . has gotten you nowhere.