Former WWE writer says Becky Lynch is “cosplaying” instead of being a character

During the Legion of RAW podcast on, former WWE writer Vince Russo commented on Becky Lynch’s promo from the April 25th 2022 edition of RAW…

“I figured out something tonight, too, when I was looking at Asuka in the ring with Becky Lynch. I figured out something, and now, Seth Rollins. Bro, I know I’m an old guy; I’m 61 years old, okay? But, Chris, I do know what cosplay is, and that’s what they are doing. Becky Lynch is cosplaying. It has nothing to do with a character. A Rhea Ripley is there cosplaying. You would go to a convention, cosplaying! The way they look and their appearance have nothing to do with their character. It’s all cosplay. I don’t know why it took me so long to figure that out.”

“Becky Lynch is coming into the ring in a full cosplay outfit. What is the first thing she does? She strikes her poses and after all that, she starts cutting this promo about how she has hit rock bottom. So she wants to sucker us in that she’s hit rock bottom and then she’s going to turn it around. ‘Oh no, I’m gonna be mean or I’m gonna be like this.’ That’s the premise of the promo. But if she wants us to believe she has hit rock bottom, she should walk in street clothes, disheveled, head hung, no cosplay outfit, no striking a pose, and then very seriously take the mic.”