Former WWE writer doesn’t understand why people think Triple H’s RAW is an improvement

Kevin Nash and Sean “X-Pac” Waltman were among those that praised the August 15th 2022 edition of WWE RAW but not everyone in the wrestling industry was as complimentary of the show. Former WWE writer Vince Russo wrote the following on Twitter…

“As a shoot, I’m REALLY TRYING to understand why there are some who think Triple H’s RAW is an Improvement over Vince McMahon’s. Outside of him bringing NXT Talent back-what is the Difference in the show? Truly looking for your Thoughts to Understand. Thanks.

Every comment thus far are from WRESTLING FANS already Watching the Show. It’s the Stuff BETWEEN the Wrestling that Draws the Casuals. Thus far I haven’t seen that. I know it’s early, but that’s what needs to be concentrated on.

I TOTALLY Understand that it takes time—TOTALLY. Ratings do not happen overnight. But, I’m just starting to see the same pattern of bringing in New People with no Introduction and No Build. They just “Show Up” and become just more names on the Roster. AEW does same exact thing.

All right—I have to go watch Batman 66′ now. I GUARANTEE YOU there will be a REAL Cliffhanger at the end of the show.

What was the Cliff Hanger at the end of last night’s show? I know I was nodding on and off, so I guess I missed it. What happened that made me want to tune in next week?

Every comment made pertaining to Triple H’s RAW consists of those Already Watching the Show and those who would watch the show even if Freakin’ GRAPE APE were writing it. I’m talking about the CASUALS. How is this Show going to get the CASUALS?”