Former WWE wrestler/coach says Vince McMahon “was never a monster”

During an appearance on the Story Time with Dutch Mantell podcast, former WWE wrestler and coach Dr. Tom Prichard talked about his experience of working for Vince McMahon…

“Certainly one of the most unique people I’ve ever met. I’ve some unique people man. (…) He’s an intimidating guy, for me especially because I never knew what to say to him. He would disarm me when he could be nice and he could be empathetic and feel. I mean he’s not an ogre. He’s not a monster. He was never a monster. To me, he was a guy who was driven, he knew what he wanted, he knew what he expected of people. And you can’t be the head of an organization as big as WWE and not have to be stern and know what you want. You have to have a vision. He had a vision.”

“I don’t know [when did he sleep]. I have no idea. It is [possible he is a vampire]. Huge possibility. I don’t know man, he’s just a different breed. He’s like that Lauren Michaels. He’s like those guys who are driven and that’s what drives him. They don’t food. They don’t need sustenance. They just need something to take in and absorb.” (quotes courtesy of