Former WWE world champion defends Bad Bunny being part of the company

During an appearance on the Battleground podcast, former WWE world champion Big E defended recording artist Bad Bunny being part of the company…

“I’m not knocking any celebrity who comes in, takes a paycheck, and does what they’re asked, that’s fine. But you can tell with him, it’s so much more than that. He’s a guy who truly loves this. I think pro wrestling was his first love and grew up watching WWE. For me, it’s so dope and amazing to see someone like him, who is a massive, massive star, and comes in so humbly and so energetically to do what we do.”

“He’s come in and worked incredibly hard and his passion for this. I saw an interview, I think it was for Carpool Karaoke, where he said the Wrestlemania match, I think he described it as ‘the best day of his life.’” (quotes courtesy of