Former WWE/WCW star could be returning in a non-wrestling role

It is being reported by Mike Johnson of that former WWE/WCW star David Taylor has been seen at recent WWE NXT tapings and at the Performance Center. One person noted to Johnson that they believe Taylor might be getting a tryout as a producer.

Johnson stated the following about the matter…

“I do wanna caution this – some people have told me they’ve seen him, and some people have told me they haven’t seen him at all. And it’s people who are at the same shows. So I’m not sure what’s going on there, but that’s one to continue to follow as we go further into the summer, but it appears to be that Dave Taylor is back in some way, shape or form with the company. Whether it’s just a tryout or he’s back full-time I can’t tell you, or he’s just… maybe the two sides are just feeling each other out. But I have heard his name bounced around quite a bit in the last couple of weeks actually. So it’s not even a couple of days, it’s a couple of weeks.” (quote courtesy of