Former WWE star vents about society and says “the system doesn’t give a f*ck about you”

Former WWE star Austin Aries has been vocal about society and government on his Twitter account. Here are some of the latest comments from Aries…

“Stop listening to ‘experts’ and ‘leaders’ who have long been profiting from human sickness and suffering.

I stopped listening over 20yrs ago and began to educate myself on how to take my nutrition, health, wellness and happiness into my own hands.

Now 43, I think I’m doing ok.

I seriously can’t comprehend what the fuck has happened to our civilization this past year.

The amount of fear mongering trauma and brainwashing that has occurred has left a drove of people literally scared stupid…all while being convinced they’re the smart, virtuous ones.

Just admit it, many of you won’t, don’t, or can’t think for yourself.

You were never taught how to because the system never wanted you to.

They’ve outsourced free thought, just like every other basic human survival tool, to make sure you remain completely dependent on them.

It’s amazing and sad how many of the ‘I wear my mask to protect others because I care’ crowd has now shifted to ‘I got my vax, but I’m still gonna wear my mask because I don’t trust other people.’

Trying to make sense out of this nonsense has become futile.

Damn straight. Government leaders have been lying to me since birth. I don’t listen to anybody who profits from sick and sad people on what’s good for my health!

The system doesn’t give a fuck about you. Maybe that hurts your feelings, so you choose not to believe it.#wakeup”