Former WWE star thinks that AEW should attempt to bring in Vince McMahon along with Shane

In a video published to his YouTube channel, former WWE star Stevie Richards commented on the Shane McMahon to AEW speculation and how it could help AEW’s business. Stevie said the following about Shane’s father Vince potentially being involved in an AEW storyline as well…

“I would go as far as to say try to get Vince. That would be nuts. You talking about a guy who has a chip on his shoulder right now. Don’t think because he’s 77, 78 years old and he walks with a cane and he has a villain mustache that this dude doesn’t miss the fight. He’s fighting now for a lot of different things in court and legal stuff but he still has it in him to want to.

Just think about that I mean and that’s really, Shane’s an outlier at a percentage of probably I would say between 10 and 30%. Vince between 1 to 8% but it’s still kind of a cool fantasy booking.” (quote courtesy of