Former WWE star talks about the naked streaker gimmick that he had

Former WWE Superstar Mideon (Dennis Knight) appeared on “Road Dogg” Brian James’ podcast and here are the highlights…

“The story that inspired Vince McMahon to give him the ‘Naked Mideon’ streaker gimmick: “Kurt [Angle] comes back and he’s talking and he goes in and takes a shower and he comes back out and he pulls his underwear off and I drop my towel and I go, ‘I am the naked man.’ Then [Blackjack] Lanza comes and goes, ‘Hey we need someone for a meet and greet,’ and I threw on my towel and walked out into the hallway and was like ‘Where is this meet and greet?’”

Not seeing the gimmick as a negative: “It’s so funny, that’s all anybody ever talks about and they’re like, ‘Oh, that must’ve been terrible,’ I was like, this is ’98, ’99, I’m getting my head kicked in by Vader, and all these guys every single night. I got paid the exact same amount of money for like eight months to run to the ring in my fanny pack.” (quotes courtesy of