Former WWE star talks about lack of opportunities in the company

During an interview with Gary Cassidy, former WWE star Sin Cara (now known as Cinta De Oro) talked about the lack of opportunities in the company…

“Let me give you a perfect example. Dean Ambrose left, right? Jon Moxley left the company. He was given everything. He was a grand slam champion and even after he left, he was miserable. Imagine me who never got a chance to wrestle for the US title, the Intercontinental title or the tag title or anything. Imagine me and how I would feel. He felt that way and he was given everything. It was tough for me to look for those opportunities because I never got them and it wasn’t because of lack of effort or lack of talent. It’s because somebody in the office decides who they want to pick. It’s unfortunate but it’s true.”

“A lot of decisions that happen are not because of you or because… fans always ask ‘maybe you did not work hard enough’. You don’t even know because you’re not even there. It’s not about not working hard or trying to become better. It’s because if someone points a finger at you or runs with you then that’s good. Obviously, you take the opportunities and go but I never had the opportunities some of the other guys had in the company.” (quotes courtesy of