Former WWE star talks about how you are just ‘dumped into a system’

During an appearance on the AEW Unrestricted podcast, former WWE tag team 2point0 (Matt Lee and Jeff Parker) talked about their run with the company…

Lee: “Once you get there, you realize, oh, you’re just dumped into a system. There is no plan. You’ve got to figure out how to show the powers that be, the people in charge, what you bring to the table. It’s a challenge. It’s a real challenge.”

Parker: “Because unless you’re a chosen one that’s being hired with the intention of being a this or that, you’re just in the deep water, and you got to figure out how to the surface somehow. Everyone’s just kind of climbing up, but at the same time, someone else is pulling you down a little bit. Not intentionally but it’s just the way it goes. So we had to figure out on our own, hey, how do we make some noise? That’s why we started a YouTube show.”

The team also talked about signing with AEW…

Parker: “You put in a couple of calls just being like, ‘Hey guys, look, if there’s anything you do for us.’ Some people think, well, if you have a friend, they’ll get you a job,” Parker said. “Doesn’t work like that. At the most, probably get you an opportunity or at least put a good word in. That’s kind of the trajectory that it was. Oh, maybe we’ll get you in for Dark. Yeah, no problem, as long as we can get a foot in the door and try and see if we can work something out. So that was kind of the first progression and then that went to talking, and then we get a call just being like, ‘Oh, well, Tony [Khan] has an idea for you on Dynamite,’ out of nowhere.”

Lee: “Out of nowhere. I get a call from from Chris Harrington, I don’t know if he minds if I say his name, on a Saturday night at 10 p.m., and he goes, ‘So we’re gonna bring you in on Tuesday.’ We’re just like, ‘What? What is happening here?’ We get another call where Jeff ended up speaking to him after that where he says, ‘I think Tony has an idea for you guys for Dynamite,’ and we’re just like, ‘What is happening right now?’ It just happened so fast.” (quotes courtesy of