Former WWE star talks about her business relationship with Vince McMahon

During an appearance on the TWC Show podcast, former WWE star Summer Rae talked about her business relationship with Vince McMahon…

“Oh, Vince [McMahon] loved me. I love Vince. I would walk my butt straight into Vince’s office all the time. Vince did not scare me at all. Actually, when I had — I mean he’s scary.

But it’s like, mind you, you have to be respectful. I would never just walk in his office. I would knock and then I would wait for hours and hours and hours but, if I was ever having an issue or when I was thinking of leaving, I went and talked to him. I remember it was by the border in Texas so not San Antonio but it was one of the smaller towns we have TV in because I remember it was like literally the cops were waiting at the border so I can’t remember where we were and I remember I had talks with him for that too because I was like I respect him and, ‘I respect you and I wanna tell you where my head is at with this injury’ and he — even when I — I did try to quit but [Mark] Carrano wouldn’t let me. I wasn’t trying to quit. I was on injury and I’m like, ‘Either bring me back or let me go,’ because they had me in this pivotal moment where like I couldn’t go do other things but I was still getting [injury] pay but like, it was crazy.” (quote courtesy of