Former WWE star says that “if you can’t talk on the mic, you’re just a placeholder”

During an appearance on the Strictly Business podcast, former WWE star AJ Francis (Top Dolla) talked about WWE recruiting college athletes through the NIL program…

“Now here’s the thing though, as you can tell, I’m a wizard with the wand. I can talk all day and I can throw big words out and I can make you seem like you’re listening to one thing while telling you a story about another. I can do that all day, every day. That’s the most important part of this business. I don’t give a damn how good you are as a wrestler. I don’t give a damn how good you are as an athlete, I don’t give a damn about none of that. Like yes I played in the NFL, and yes that did help me open doors and yes, that did show that I’m a top-tier level athlete. But the best thing that I bring to the table is my mic work. That’s the thing that actually makes money.”

“So when you got some guys who don’t need to be able to talk because they’re just put in a good position and the company makes sure that that works and they work and everything works for them, but except for those two or three guys in every company, the guys that make money are the ones that are wizards with the wand. So are these athletes going to be able to do that part is the part that matters to be. Because you can be the best athlete in the world. You can be the best wrestler in the world. But if you can’t talk on the mic, you’re just a placeholder till the next guy shows up.” (quotes courtesy of