Former WWE star says that his run with the company was “dogsh*t” and it “sucked dirty hairy balls”

During an interview with Jeremy Konrad for, EC3 was asked about starting NWA Exodus Pro as an outlet for him creatively…

“NWA Exodus Pro is a passion project, and we are fortunate enough to be one of the first territorial affiliates of the NWA in the new era. It came from controlling your narrative. It came knowing what I wanted, not necessarily a promotion, but I wanted that to be a platform for talent to be discovered or reinvent themselves. That was my creative outlet during the pandemic, and I’m getting fired. It was kind of like therapy in my very, very real life. You know, the WWE run was dogshit. It sucked dirty hairy balls, let’s be honest. But I said to myself, ‘I’m a better speaker than almost everybody on this roster, and I never had a chance to speak.’ So, the idea stemmed from that with CYN.”

“I will put a better promo out every week than anybody’s doing regarding context and creativity. Maybe not production value or eyes seeing it, but creatively, I will put out something better than you see on Monday or Friday night. So, the real germ of it all was CYN. What it really meant was to tell your story. I could tell mine, and I wanted to create something that allowed others to tell theirs. So, after I made the necessary adjustments and cut the necessary people out of my life. I repackaged that as Exodus.”