Former WWE star says he wasn’t given the opportunity to “work hard” in the company

During an appearance on Renee Paquette’s Oral Sessions podcast, former WWE star Matt Cardona talked about his time in WWE…

“I love working hard and I felt like in WWE, for me personally, I wasn’t able to work hard because I wasn’t given the opportunity to work hard. Now I feel like I can work my ass off. And listen, not everything is going to be a success. But at least I have the opportunity to try. That’s all I ever wanted, was an opportunity. Now I have this safe in my house, full of graded traded cards that worth money and cash that I make on the indies. It’s great!”

“In this wrestling business there’s only a couple things you can control, like really control. And that’s your physique. No one’s going to say ‘you can’t work out.’ No one’s going to say that. No one’s going to say ‘you can’t have nice gear. That gear is too nice.’ And also no one can say you can’t be happy. So you can control your attitude, your gear and your physique. And I just tried to kill those three things. For instance, if Vince McMahon is watching Main Event and says ‘why aren’t we doing anything with him?’ Two weeks later I win the Intercontinental Title at WrestleMania. Listen, it’s not always going to happen like that, but you never know. So you always got to be ready for any situation. If you’re not getting opportunities every single week, when you actually get one, you better be ready cause if you go and blow it, that’s on you.” (quotes courtesy of