Former WWE star Marty Jannetty posts health update along with graphic photos

In a Facebook post, former WWE star Marty Jannetty posted an update on his health. Jannetty included photos which can be seen below but be forewarned that they are graphic in nature. Here is the post…

“Amazing!!..The PARTY WITH MARTY Podcast train show has been temporarily derailed. A couple weeks ago our show’s moderator Radical Addical Addie filmed me walking like nothing to it. This morning my great friend and GREAT World renown ankle specialist Dr Leland aka Lee McCluskey has to walk in the room to see this: (the pics)

I already had my head down, to hide the tears..and most gracefully he tried to work through it but his eyes, I saw them, they were glassed over..I’m so sorry Lee, I won’t give up..basically, the sepsis crap was beat but cultivated into a new virus..BUT, the silver lined cloud, he put me on a new kinda antibiotic that he feels will knock it out in no time…”