Former WWE star joining Adam Scherr and EC3’s new wrestling promotion

As previously noted, Adam Scherr and EC3 are launching their own wrestling promotion named CYN – Control Your Narrative.

In addition to Killer Kross being part of the group, former WWE star Austin Aries announced that he will be joining the promotion. Aries wrote the following on Twitter…

“You don’t get to force your truths onto me. You don’t know me. You don’t define me. You don’t color my perception. You don’t create my reality. And you certainly don’t control my narrative. Only I do. On March 5th my story begins. #controlyournarrative #cyn”

The promotion’s official website has the following mission statement…

Control Your Narrative (CYN) has found it’s “purpose” and is proud to announce “Awakening: Live”, a series of live events featuring combative PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING action and the real stories of those who choose to fight.

Headlined by “The Titan” Adam Scherr, ec3, the newly recruited Killer Kross, and other top names in the field of “sports and entertainment,”

“CYN Awakening: Live” is a live event under the guise of a “traditional wrestling show” that will be everything but “traditional.” “CYN Awakening: Live” will offer an unique, interactive experience, where fans can not only meet and great their favorite stars, but watch them do what these world class competitors do best.