Former WWE star Jaxson Ryker planning on retiring as an active wrestler

During the Wrestling for the Faith podcast, former WWE star Jaxson Ryker (Chad Lail) commented on his status in the wrestling business…

“I’ll admit, I’ve been wishy-washy, okay? ‘I wanna do this, I don’t wanna do this.’ But I do feel like, man, it’s time to step away. Not necessarily doesn’t mean I won’t do guest ref spots or sign some autographs or use it as a ministry. But the in-ring action is just — I think it’s time to step away just because of injuries. It’s time to pursue a different career so I spoke to you (podcast co-host) about it and I have four shows booked. Matter of fact, tonight I’ll be in Elkin, North Carolina and I’ll post some flyers, but, and then June 3rd in Milner, Georgia for brother Marty Miller, little benefit for Drake Wuertz, good buddy of ours and then June 17th, big show in Mooresville, North Carolina and then August 27th which is funny, it’s two days after my 23-year anniversary of my wrestling career starting, will be my last show in Salisbury, North Carolina. Once again, I’ll post all this stuff but I do man, I do think it’s time to walk away. There’s moments where I enjoy it if I’m working around with you, doing some stuff with you or some certain other guys. But it’s just gotten to a point to where I think I’m ready to press on into a new career and being 40, almost 41, I’ve been blessed. I’ve had an amazing, amazing career. What else do I have left to prove? Go work some indie shows and get hurt? I just can’t do it. But, it is. I got four shows booked, ready to roll. I’ve had a couple guys reach out to me this week going, ‘Hey! You open this day? This day?’ And I said, ‘No.’ I said, ‘Man, I’m not taking anymore bookings’ and I knew right then and there, I was like, wow, I’m serious about this. But yeah, so I’m hoping you and I can maybe tie it up at least one of those four shows. We will see (he laughed).”

“That’s it and I’ve mentioned to you (podcast co-host), I’ve had some nagging neck injuries since 2015 and I just always said, if I got to the point where I didn’t enjoy it anymore as much as I used to, the love that I loved as a kid or I had some injuries, that it’d be time to walk away and the fact is Casey that it’s not my identity anymore, you know? I’m at a prime age where I can go into a new career and build that career if that’s the door the Lord’s gonna be opening up. We’ve talked about, you know, me in law enforcement and stuff like that. It’s not my identity anymore. My identity is completely different now. It’s grounded and rooted in Christ and ministry and some other things and watching my six-year-old grow up and not hurting, you know what I mean? Not having a neck injury on an independent show where I have to have surgery and lose feeling in my arm again. So it’s time, it’s time man.” (quotes courtesy of

Ryker had been a controversial figure in WWE prior to his release from the company in 2021 due to his political beliefs. In 2022, Ryker said there was ‘nothing wrong’ with his Tweet in support of Donald Trump and he also referred to Black Lives Matter as “basically a terrorist group.”